About Us

A little cheesy, but good.

No BS high level marketing for small businesses. Above all, transparency and trust.

Our Story

Social Swiss was created out of a desire to help small business owners grow and expand their business through digital marketing. I, Nathan, started Social Swiss in late 2016 to fulfill a dream of mine to build a business that was different than most agencies. Above all else and in everything we do, Social Swiss values respect, transparency, and the belief that our client’s business is to be earned and treated equally.

There are a lot of marketers and agencies our there today and many business owners have run into poor business practices, shady dealings, and bad returns on their investment.  It’s because of this unfortunate fact that Social Swiss has grown and continues to set a standard for all other agencies to follow. Respect and trust. Are we digital disruptors? Sure.  Do we deliver awesome results for our clients? Yep.  Do we have a weird thing about cheese? Kinda-

Curious about our name? It’s simple how that came about.  As a business grows, much like how Swiss cheese ferments, gaps begin to show up within the business if there are missing pieces in the overall strategy.   Business owners often try to tackle marketing tasks on their own which leads to less time working on the core of their business or they hire outsiders to perform one or two services at a time-meanwhile holes begin to develop within. So, instead of nice solid block of cheddar, some businesses begin to resemble Swiss.

Let us fill the holes in your digital marketing.  We actually want you to succeed and will look at your business as a whole and work with you to develop the best marketing strategy for your business.

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Strategy & Approach

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Photography & Creative Director.


Engagement Guru

Customer advocate. Ears & eyes of the people.

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